Bangkok On A Budget

Do you dream of escaping the rat race, packing your bags, and moving abroad to explore foreign lands? If so, this article is for you. Why? Because I’m about to tell you how to live in Bangkok, Thailand, for under $1,200 a month.

The best part?

You’ll live like a king.

Eating delicious meals costing less than one dollar each.

Cheap Meals Bangkok

(This Excellent Lunch Of Roast Duck With Rice Cost $0.95)

Staying in full-service (including free WiFi, complimentary breakfast, and daily housekeeping) apartments and condos.

Exploring the city with Bangkok’s ultra-modern train system (a 20-block journey costs $1.50).

And using all your excess money to start generating perpetual wealth through smart investing strategies.

This may sound “far-fetched.” Living a high-end lifestyle (and getting rich) off $1,200 a month does seem a little too good. Doesn’t it? Well, I used to think so too. And luckily, I was wrong.

Enter: Bangkok On A Budget

Bangkok On A Budget Review

(The First Financial Guide Of Its Kind)

I make more money (working less hours) in Thailand than I ever did back home. The country’s low-cost of living allows you to bank almost all your earnings. As such, you’re able to save mountains of cash every single month.

In countries like the USA or U.K., you’re forced to deal with money-draining expenses like rent, transportation, and food.

But, in Bangkok these prices are so low that they’re almost an afterthought.

An apartment that would cost $3,500 a month in New York is only $450 here.

Meals worth $7 in the USA are only $1.

And utilities like Internet, electricity, and water are generally free.

A savvy saver can turn this opportunity into his own private goldmine, stacking up cash skyrocketing his wealth without having to sacrifice on any luxuries.

Of course, doing so is easier said than done.

And many travelers attempting this fail miserably.


Because they don’t have a plan.

Until now, no one has ever given them a blueprint for financial success while living abroad.

Realizing this huge need, I’ve created Bangkok On A Budget. It’s a comprehensive guide to living the good life, saving insane amounts of money, and investing your new-found wealth into bigger and better avenues.

Bangkok On A Budget is the first book of its kind, and based entirely off of my real world experiences as an expat and entrepreneur.

Here’s What You’ll Discover

Wondering what this book can offer you? Here’s a sample of what’s inside:

  • Secret insider tips to renting a fully furnished apartment (with free maid service and complimentary WiFi) for under $500 a month.

  • How to eat tasty, nutritious meals (Thailand has some of the best food in the world) costing less than $2 each.

  • Why you should never make small withdrawals from a Thai ATM machine. And how to avoid Bangkok’s insane banking fees.

  • The best money management advice you’ll find. With detailed tips and tricks on avoiding common spending mistakes that ruin most travelers.

  • How to hit up bars, go on dates, and enjoy the city’s bustling nightlife without breaking the bank.

  • Plus plenty more!

If any of these topics even remotely interest you, then you’re sure to love Bangkok On A Budget.

This is a full-length book, teeming with practical, no-nonsense, advice.

Whether you’re already in Thailand, or looking to move there, this book will help. Bangkok On A Budget provides you with all the ins and outs to saving money and prospering financially.

Pick it up, read it, learn something new, and save yourself thousands of dollars as a result.

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P.S. Want to see a detailed report on my monthly cost of living? Check out this article.

How To Avoid Shemale Catfish

I’ve recently noticed an annoying new trend. “shemale catfish.”

This is where weird dudes go on dating sites and pretend to be ladyboys. They’ll try flirting with you or getting you into risque situations (like sexting), before blowing their cover and revealing the truth. They aren’t transsexual at all.. They’re just gay dudes trolling for dick pics (or trying to con you into a super awkward hook-up).

Personally, this bugs me for one simple reason. Someone is lying about who they are in order to trick you into doing something you’d be uncomfortable with otherwise.

In this article, I’ll show you how to avoid these catfish and what steps you can take to protect yourself from their advances.

If you plan on visiting Thailand, Cambodia, or the Philippines, this is a very important post.

What Are Catfish?

Catfishing is a term that describes anyone who creates a fake Internet persona in hopes of tricking or deceiving others.

Catfishing Alert

(Catfishing In A Nutshell)

This is played for laughs in a ton of movies and TV shows, but it’s also a serious real-world problem.

In many Asian countries (especially the Philippines) there are professional catfish. These people troll dating sites, pretending to be either girls or ladyboys, in hopes of seducing men. They’ll chat with for hours, hoping to build up a strong relationship.

Then, once you’re emotionally invested, they’ll make up some SOB story (like “my mom is dying of cancer”) and ask you for money to help.

Likewise, there are also catfish who’ll straight up blackmail you.

These scammers act overly sexual, asking for dick picks or videos of you jacking-off, before trying to shake you down for cash. They’ll threaten to post pictures of your dick to Facebook or Twitter unless you give them hundreds of U.S. Dollars.


Lastly, there’s one more form of catfish that’s almost exclusive to ladyboy dating.

This is a gay dude who pretends to be transsexual in hopes that he can convince you to hook-up with him. These catfish aren’t actual ladyboys, don’t look remotely feminine, are simply trying to pressure you into having sex with them.

You’ll find these type “in-country” where they’ll often message you late at night, hoping to come over for a quick booty call.

How To Spot A Catfish Account

How To Avoid Shemale Catfish

(Beware Of Anyone Who Asks You For Money Online)

Identifying a catfish is tougher than you might think (at least in Asia). A lot of them pretend to be cute (but not outlandishly hot) girls or ladyboys.

Just from looking at a profile, it’s tough to tell who’s real and who isn’t.

Luckily, there are some giveaways once you start messaging someone.

The biggest red flag is if they ask you for money or bring up money at any point in your conversations. This is a sure sign that they’ll ask you for a handout later on.

Another red flag is if things seem too good to be true.

When you’re messaging a girl and she immediately asks to see your dick (or a ladyboy wants to come over to your apartment right now), you’re probably getting catfished.

You can keep chatting at this point, but proceed with caution. And, whatever you do, don’t actually send a dick pic or give the person your address. Just ignore their demands and move on. If they keep bringing these things up, stop talking. You’ve got a catfish on your hands.

Protecting Yourself From Possible Catfish

The easiest way to avoid catfish is by simply using a reliable dating site. I’ve already covered the best ones, and you can read about them here.

Otherwise, I’d also suggest that you always have a “first date” whenever you meet someone new.

This doesn’t mean going out to a fancy restaurant or anything like that. You just have to meet up in public, to make sure that your date actually is the person she claimed to be online.

Doing so saves you from having an awkward encounter where the hottie you’ve been messaging online shows up at your apartment and turns out to actually be a ginormous fat dude. Seriously, that’ll happen unless you’re careful.

Meeting in a public park or the local mall allows you to see the person before they’re at your home address. And it also deters a lot of catfishing gay guys.

They aren’t going to meet you in a place where you can simply walk away.

These two precautions (a reliable dating site and meeting in a public place) will save you from a lot of uncomfortable and frustrating situations.

P.S. Enjoy this post? Want to learn more about ladyboy dating? Then check out The Ladyboy Bible. It’s a complete guide to meeting, wooing, and hooking up with transsexual hotties.

3 Step Stamina Method Review (Personal Results)

The first time I had sex with a ladyboy, I couldn’t get it up. This had never happened to me before, and it was horribly embarrassing.

My cock just would not get hard.

What should have been a fun night turned into the worst sexual experience of my life.

Luckily, there was a silver lining to this incident. It get me thinking about my sexual performance and how I could prevent erectile dysfunction from happening again.

I read hundreds of dozens of books and articles before learning the true secret to bigger, stronger erections.

And, in this article, I’ll share my knowledge with you.

Introducing The 3 Step Stamina Method

When it comes to sex guides or E.D. treatment, most advice sucks.

The average article or book suggests things like:

  • Taking supplements.
  • Buying an expensive pump.
  • Going on prescription pills like Viagra or Cialis.

Unfortunately, supplements and prescription drugs have all kinds of nasty side effects. And many pumps actually damage your penile tissue, making it impossible to stay hard.

Likewise, there’s a good chance you don’t need any of these.

Most erectile dysfunction is treatable with simple diet and exercise.

In fact, this is the exact system porn legend, Aaron Wilcoxx uses. Wilcoxx is the star of 290 adult films, winner of numerous AVN Awards, and a world-renowned sex expert.

His guide, The 3 Step Stamina Method, shows you exactly how to conquer your E.D. and become a certified sex god.

Why The 3 Step Stamina Method Works

As mentioned, this system does not rely on questionable supplements or dangerous pumps.

Instead, The 3 Step Stamina Method builds off a trifecta of simple yet effective foundations for penile health.

These are: Excercise, diet, and mindset.


At the very start of this program, Wilcoxx reveals something most men never think about.

Your penis is controlled by muscles. And by exercising these muscles, you develop better control over your cock and how it functions.

Like any workout, this system is based on proven exercise techniques and repetition.

You follow Wilcoxx’s penile program five days a week, and each routine takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

Do this, and you’ll see results.

Not only does Wilcoxx’s workout (it involves flexing your penis’ muscles) strengthen your erections, but it also gives you increased control over when you cum and how hard you shoot your load. If you’ve ever wanted a “porn star money shot,” you’ll get one.

Just follow the workout and do the exercises.


What you eat has a huge impact on your sexual performance. Junk food, and even some “healthy meals,” will actually lower your testosterone.

Low-T leads to weaker erections, and makes it tough to stay hard.

Even worse, these testosterone draining ingredients are found in tons of common foods. If you’re eating a typical Western style diet, your T-levels are in trouble!

Luckily, Wilcoxx shows you how to reverse this.

He gives you specific dieting advice, and reveals several common (and natural) ways to increase your testosterone.

This advice is fantastic, and following Wilcoxx’s suggestions leads to amazing results.

Shifting your diet really does raise your T-levels (as I learned through personal experience), without requiring any special supplements or prescription drugs.

In fact, if you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, I recommend The 3 Step Stamina Method for its nutritional advice alone. There’s a good chance that your E.D. is being caused by what you eat. And Wilcoxx’s “porn star diet” will help you fix this issue.


For many men, E.D. isn’t caused by physical aliments. Instead, it’s the result of mental anxiety and a negative mind frame.

Many men (myself included) get so worried about being good in bed that it causes them to freak out. They become stressed, start suffering from anxiety, and are suddenly incapable of getting hard.

It’s a terrible predicament, and one that’s horribly embarrassing.

Fortunately, this is also one of the easiest issues to solve.

Since the problem is all in your head, you simply need to change your mindset. And Wilcoxx gives you several effective strategies for doing so.

You’ll learn how to stop worrying and enjoy sex.

For anyone who’s ever felt nervous or anxious during sex, this is a game changer.

Final Notes On This System

3 Step Stamina Method

(Here’s What The 3 Step Stamina Method Includes)

Using this system, I destroyed my E.D. All my issues were diet and mindset related, implementing The 3 Step Stamina Method allowed me to overcome these problems once and for all.

If you’re struggling with E.D. this program will help.

Click Here To Order

P.S. This is a great system for any man looking to improve his bedroom performance. The 3 Step Stamina Method uses effective diet, mindset, and exercise techniques to help you achieve stronger erections and better sex skills.

It’s definitely worth checking out.

How To Eat Cheap In Bangkok

Food is the biggest expense that many Americans must budget for. In the Western world, sticking to healthy meals is tough and expensive.

But in Asia?

Not so much.

This post shows you how to eat cheap in Bangkok, while still enjoying a healthy and well-balanced diet.

If you like food, you’re going to love this article.

Are Cheap Meals Really Healthy?

In America, eating cheap means eating crap.

Microwave burritos.

McDonald’s hamburgers.

Reheated chicken nuggets from the frozen food aisle at your local supermarket.

Basically, all the stuff that’s bad for your body.

In Thailand, however, things are different. Inexpensive meals consist of things like:

  • Delicious salads.
  • Barbecued pork lions.
  • Grilled chicken served with sticky rice and vegetables.

These meals all cost less than two dollars, and they’re some of the best tasting food you’ll ever eat. What’s more, each of these dishes is good for you. You’re eating fresh ingredients that are rich in protein.

It’s a far cry from that processed garbage they sell in American supermarkets.

Where To Eat Cheap In Bangkok

How To Eat Cheap In Bangkok

(BBQ Pork For $0.30 A Piece)

I’ve mentioned this in previous articles. But I spend very little on food. And that’s in-spite of me being on a special body-building diet.

In fact, my meal costs here are one tenth of what they were in the USA.

If you’re used to spending hundreds of dollars a week on food, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Best of all, these cheap eats are available at some pretty nice places. You’ll find them offered by local street vendors and upscale mall food courts.

One of my favorite places to eat is the Terminal 21 Mall. They’ve got a massive selection of tasty meals (with everything from salads to grilled meats), and it’s super affordable. You’re able to order a two-course meal, and drink, for under five dollars.

When you’re looking to eat good without breaking the bank, be sure to check out your local food courts and street vendors.

You’ll find tons of inexpensive meal options that are both healthy and delicious.

Tenga Double Hole Review

Tenga Double Hole Standard Cup ReviewThe Tenga Double Hole is a fantastic sex toy built for two.

It’s fun to use if you’re fooling around with a transsexual (or having some fun with another guy). And it’s the best masturabtor for couples I’ve ever used.

My girlfriend (who is transsexual) loves when we play with our Tenga Double Hole together.

If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive sex toy, this is your perfect option.

Allow me to explain.

Three Tenga Double Hole Benefits

Tenga Double Hole Review

(Here’s A Good Look At This Unit)

There are several advantages to using this toy. Aside from being double-ended (so you and a friend can get off together), there are other key features as well.

I’ll quickly discuss the three most important features of the Tenga Double Hole.

This will give you a better idea of what this toy is like, and whether or not it’s right for you.

1. Budget-Friendly

Fleshlights are fun (I love my Stamina Training Unit). But they also cost $70 – $95 each.

For many people, that’s too much money for one toy.

The Tenga Double is significantly more affordable. It costs less than $15.

This makes it a perfect “beginner’s toy.” You and your partner can experiment with mutual masturbation, without having to break the bank.

2. Discreet

Most masturbators are overly sexual. They’re anatomically correct, and the packaging is covered in “erotic” imagery.

The Tenga Double Hole takes a subtler route.

This toy is designed to look as discreet as possible. The majority of people who see it (99%) will have no clue it’s a sex toy.

This is great. Especially if you’re living at home or with roommates.

There’s nothing that screams sex toy about it, keeping you safe from any “prying eyes.”

3. Feels Great

Lastly, the Tenga Double Hole feels amazing.

It’s got two different textured ends (one tight, the other looser), giving you and your partner distinct sensations.

It’s also fun to stand face-to-face with someone as both of you thrust your cocks into the same set of holes. If you’ve ever wanted to try double penetration (but couldn’t find a third person to do it with), this is an excellent substitute.

When you and your friends want to get kinky and have some serious fun, give the Tenga Double Hole a try. It’s inexpensive, discreet, and feels insanely pleasurable.

Click Here To Order Yours

P.S. While this toy is great for couples, it’s also lots of fun to use on your own.